Middle School Academics

It is our goal to actively encourage and develop the relationship of the teacher to student, student to student and most importantly, student to Jesus Christ in the middle school setting. Thus, TOCS will work to disciple our students educationally, spiritually, and socially so that in all of our actions and attitudes we might emulate Jesus Christ's unfailing love to us. Further, we believe that in developing an atmosphere of holy love for our students, their families and for one another, the students will feel secure and will establish a life-long foundation of striving for excellence and devotion to glorifying God in all they do.

At the Middle School level, the core curriculum continues to emphasize instruction that allows students to see the world from a Biblical perspective and challenges them to develop their gifts for God’s glory. Exploratory courses are for a nine-week period. They are offered in computer skills, music, art, drama, and life skills. For advanced language arts, we offer a Student Opportunity for Advanced Research (SOAR) during two nine-week periods. Physical Education meets weekly for the entire school year. Students will have some choices in exploratory courses during the school year. Field trips, class retreats, service projects, social events, and interscholastic athletics supplement the curriculum. 

We feel that an attitude toward service with an opportunity to serve in the school and local community is an important aspect for middle school students. Hence our middle school students serve both the student body at various school functions and assist families in the local community who are in need.

Educational opportunities are offered to our students to teach proper behavior and to build community within the class. We begin our 6th and 7th grade year with a camp that builds relationships with teachers and students. This lays a foundation for the school year. The 8th grade year begins with the Alpine Tower experience. This is to enhance their leadership in 8th grade with an "I can overcome" attitude related to any fears they may be feeling. We utilize the opportunity for off-campus education with field trips and periodic off-campus social events for our students that are age-appropriate. The leadership Corps is another way for 6th - 8th grade students to become involved with school life and serve the greater Twin Oaks community.

Teaching Staff
The teaching staff for the middle school grades is carefully selected. They are Christian educators who are mature in their faith, trained in their field of instruction, and love working with middle school students.