Summer Camps

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Summer Camp 2018


WHAT: Join us for a variety of unique classes and workshops for all ages this summer! This is the perfect chance to promote our school and bring a friend with you!

WHEN:  June 18-22 – Session I:  9am-12:30pm  Mon-Fri

            June 25-29 – Session II: 9am-12:30pm  Mon-Fri

*All classes offered BOTH SESSIONS unless otherwise noted*

WHERE: TOCS (classrooms TBD)

HOW: Pick a class (or two!) and contact the teacher directly to register. Full tuition due with registration.

WHO: Classes are available for ages K and up. Check the specific class for age requirements. And if you have any questions, please contact the teacher!



Young Actors Workshop presents: Star Wars Shakespeare – Verily, A New Hope: Shakespeare meets Star Wars? Verily, it doth!! Join with fellow students to explore the collision of Shakespeare and Star Wars in this exciting drama workshop. No previous drama experience necessary. Students will engage in Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Communication as they use the language and structure of Shakespeare to bring the world of Star Wars to life! Stage presence, voice, diction, articulation, memorization, team building, character exploration and development are a few of the areas we will concentrate our efforts. Each student will step into some of their favorite characters in a variety of selected scenes to be presented the final day of camp for an invited audience:  YOU! Each of the two weeks will focus on different scenes and characters to make each week of camp a unique Dramatic Experience! Bring a friend and join us for one week... or both! Ages 8 and up. Fees: 145. per student. Scripts included. To register: email Heather Sartin at

Cook Books: A Smorgasbord of Reading... Mrs. Ragsdale is looking to stir up a batch of eager learners this summer! Using numerous activities to enhance literacy and math skills, students will be involved in enjoyable, hands-on cooking experiences. Each day students will discover “tasty” themes using popular children’s books that will tie together skills-based cooking experiences with literature. As these young chefs cook up fun food creations, they will also practice valuable skills such as measuring, counting, patterning, and making fractions. These cooking experiences will be enhanced with related activities that encourage children to write, graph, sort objects, solve math problems, and create colorful art projects. Grades K-3rd. Fees: 130. per student. Contact: Katie Ragsdale 

Write It Up! – Creative Writing Workshop: Are you looking for an activity that will allow your child to unwind, yet also nurture some of his or her academic skills this summer? Look no further! Join with fellow students to engage with several creative writing challenges in this week long course. Students will engage in a variety of unique and exciting writing tasks—with our work from each day culminating into a published book. We will develop various creative writing elements such as dialogue, elaboration, craft, and voice. We will additionally practice and reinforce important skills such as organization, grammar, punctuation, and transitions. On the last day of camp, the students will celebrate with a publication party—parents are welcome to attend and hear our readings as we close out a fun week! Ages 7 and up. Fees: 145. per student. All materials included. To register: email Kendall Brewer at


Nature Nuts: Keeping a Nature Journal: Are you a nature nut? Do you love being part of the great outdoors? Join me as I teach you to sharpen your powers of observation through the art of nature journaling in this fun-filled outdoor excursion. Students will spend time in various locations around campus learning to Listen and See… not just hear and look! Students will record information in a variety of creative ways as they compile their own nature journals. Music, story and video will enhance each day. Grab a friend and come enjoy the beauty of God’s creation! Students will need a blank notebook, pencil, colored pencils and a beach towel.

Ages 7 and up. Fee: 130. per student. To register contact: Gracie Sartin at


Music Expressions (Session I ONLY): Enjoy developing creativity and musical expression in this fun summer workshop! Students will learn to play percussion instruments, exercise musical creativity in various settings, practice improvisation, and develop skills in expressive singing. Age: Entering 1st grade and up. Fee: 140. per student. Includes all materials Questions: email Mrs. Lauren Kaniarz at


Summer Theory (Session II ONLY): Learn the basics of reading music in this interactive summer workshop! Students will learn to read and write basic notes and rhythms, practice sight-singing, and develop aural skills. Beginner and advanced students are welcome. Age: Entering 4th grade and up. Fee: 140. per student. Includes theory workbook and all materials. Questions: email Mrs. Lauren Kaniarz at 

Explorations: To Spain and Beyond (Session II ONLY):  Do you like to cook?  Do you like to bake?  Even if you just like to eat, come!  Join Senora Merritt and explore Spanish food and fun! Together we will make dishes and desserts from various Hispanic countries, learn a bit about the country the recipe comes from, enjoy Spanish style music and make a piñata to take home. We will celebrate a wonderful week together with a fun-filled fiesta, piñata and all! 3rd grade and up. 150. per student. To register contact Nancy Merritt at