Parent Testimonials

"TOCS is more than a school"      Parent of Alumni and Current Student PK-8

"My children have each gained so much more than an academic education from Twin Oaks…I am so thankful to the teachers who taught them and loved them during their years at Twin Oaks. Twin Oaks Christian School lives out the Gospel in word and deed…"  [Read More]

"Celebrating 20 Years at TOCS!"            Parent of Three PK-8 Alumni

"We would gladly do it all over again. Twin Oaks has shaped our lives on a daily basis and has given our children a spiritual and educational foundation that will guide them as they grow and start families…"   [Read More]

"Why we love the TOCS middle school!"       Parent of  PK-7

"We’ve been blessed and are so thankful for the foundation Twin Oaks has provided, and we’re continuing to see how her experience here is maturing her faith and preparing her for high school and beyond..."  [Read More]